A Rebel and A Hypothesis

No person who was around when The Riemann Hypothesis was proposed is still alive today, in many cases their children and grandchildren aren’t either. Tons of proofs have been proposed, but even with a $1,000,000 prize, no one has put forth a proof that could be agreed upon as correct. Or maybe one was, but the author wasn’t convincing enough. It’s hard to say.

Just as Kerouac and Jobs thought, it takes a rebel to change things. I believe that The Riemann Hypothesis hasn’t been proven because people have been playing by the wrong “rules.” These “rules” have been widely accepted and even taught in schools. Say it ain’t so!

Rules allow us to “win.” But if winning meant bowling a 300 game and I defined 8 frames as a game instead of 10, you couldn’t do it. In the same manner, The Riemann Hypothesis can’t be proven if the “rules” don’t allow it to be.

I’ll change the “rules” and show you The Riemann Hypothesis always holds true.

Starting with this post as the first of a series, I’m going to develop a new form of The Riemann Hypothesis. I’ll develop equations and share insights that are intuitive. This blog is important for me because for a hypothesis to remain unproven through The Civil War, The Invention of the Automobile, The Invention of the Airplane and The Rise of Computers, there are only two possibilities:

  1. It’s actually not true, so it’s impossible to prove that it is, or
  2. It’s not understood.

Since computers have calculated trillions of cases that have so far shown The Riemann Hypothesis is true, #1 isn’t likely. That leaves us with the fact that people haven’t yet fully grasped what they are trying to solve.

I hate not understanding. Hopefully, you hate it too. This is one time where hate is for the good of society. This blog is my attempt to share my understanding and spread my hate…for lack of comprehension.

P.S. What would be useful for you to know before reading this blog series would be Laws of Exponentiation, Complex Numbers and Euler’s Formula but it’s not necessary, I will link to resources and include explanations along the way. Look for my next blog The Riemann Zeta Function next week!

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